"George did a shoot for my Nike,a rescue BC. I can tell you that they were absolutely wonderful. She knows just how to capture your dog's true personality. I use the photo's on facebook and will use for my website as a dog trainer."
Mary Anne Coleman
"Or would that be "Talented George and her camera"? I take dog photos every day at work, and I try to channel George's ability to catch a bit of each dog's soul in my pictures, even though they are "just" snapshots. I have had a few - very few - real successes. I look to George for inspiration."

"George made me feel comfortable getting my picture taken. At first I was scared, but then she gave me some doggie biscuits and rubbed my belly and I felt alot better. I really lover her now, and daddy loves my pictures."
Whether it is a photo of your beloved pet or of nature, George has
been able to capture the emotions of that exact moment. When my puppy
Mindy was nearing her last days, George had taken a series of photos
for my husband and I. One photo, in particular, had captured the
emotions that were running through me and Mindy. Friends have always
commented on how much they love that photo because they can see the
love and pain. Every time I look at that photo I am grateful to have
had such a gifted photographer that was able to capture the true
essence of Mindy and her loving family. Thank you George!
George, after doing a terrific engagement photo-shoot, came and did casual pics throughout the wedding reception we gave our granddaughter and her husband. Kayla, a fully-scarfed muslim, loved every picture, and had a very difficult time choosing one or two to be reproduced for our family to have; all of us enjoyed the pictures she took during the reception. She was VERY unobtrusive, managed to get pics of everyone in attendance without asking for 'formal' shots, and gave us such a delightful pictorial of the attendees, the cake, food, and general good time that we hardly knew she was taking pictures; yet, the CD she gave us managed to capture all the moments, from greetings of guests and long-time family friends to the cake-cutting and the tired, but happy, guests as the party wound down. Thank you, George, for an absolutely delightful CD, one we will treasure as a family forever. Lynne and Carl, happy grandparents, and Kayla and Yasser, the happy couple!!!!!
George is a wonderful and experienced photographer! Unlike a lot of others, she is very approachable and down to earth. She does great work and definitely has the "photographer's eye". George has taken several pictures of my dog Brody and they were all wonderful! I would strongly recommend her for any photography occasion.

-David C.
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