About George

Georgette Rosberg is a photographer living in Tucson, AZ specializing in portraiture, pets, nature and lifestyle photography. She has been making photographs since she was six years old when she sold her weight in Campfire Girl candy to win her first camera. Originally from upstate New York, “George” grew up documenting wildlife and pets and was constantly playing around with how light played in tree leaves and window curtains in her childhood homes.
Her mentors are Martha Lochert and Chris Mooney. They are also her inspirations, along with Elliot Erwitt, Chip Hedgecock and several other great photographers. Her muses are her dogs Cody Bear, Pickles and Tralee, who inspire and distract her daily.
Georgette is also a co-owner of Digital Muzzle Dog Photography.

Photo credit - Martha Lochert of Martha Lochert Photography.

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